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“The idea of beginning the process of searching for a new job can be overwhelming, but with P. J. Lawrence’s career transition consulting I was able to manage my transition process instead of the process managing me.” A. G.

learn, then put into action

  1. The 5 best ways to hunt for a job
  2. How to get in front of the decision maker without a resume
  3. The 5 ways employers find employees
  4. Discover the hidden job market
  5. How to get past the gatekeeper in person and on the phone

careers in transition

P. J. Lawrence & Associates adds a new approach to coaching you on how to “restart your career.” We have over 47 years of experience. Many who have been down sized, right sized, fired or just plain “burned out” are challenged by the $2,000 to $5,000 minimum fee that other companies charge.

Our “restart your career” one stop seminar covers the 5 essential ingredients to get you back on track, identify and become employed in the career you deserve.

How can an affordable session offer any real value? Simple. Everyone’s knowledge on how to make a career change is different. Some need a lot of detailed information while others may just need a plan. We “ONLY” charge for the actual tools you need.

  1. Hourly rates available for specific areas of help needed
  2. We accept Visa, Master Card and the Discover Card